CYBIS - Cyber & International Security

The CYBIS (Cyber & International Security) project of the CESICE laboratory (Centre d'Etudes sur la Sécurité Internationale et le Coopérations Européennes) aims to make available to the general public and experts indicators and tools to analyse recent and current conflicts (in a broad sense including cybersecurity), in order to facilitate the understanding and analysis of cyber attacks, terrorism and armed conflicts. In the long term, the project will closely combine various types of media, such as databases, an interactive website, software, trainings, conferences and seminars, articles and reports in publications.

This site should provide a clearer vision of cybersecurity and possible responses to cyberthreats, as well as, more broadly, an enhanced vision of certain conflicts, including cartographic analysis, and dynamic visualization (interactive graphics showing spatio-temporal, quantitative and qualitative data).

In addition to databases and web mapping, this multilingual site will provide a summary presentation of the various national cybersecurity laws and a composite indicator in the field of cybersecurity. Its ambition is to become an international reference on contemporary armed conflicts, crises and cybersecurity.

This information is meant to reach a wide range of audiences:
- The general public
- Researchers and students
- Professionals in the field of international security and defence
- Entrepreneurs
- Non-governmental actors.


The CYBIS project is one of the five French projects pre-selected for the label "Centres of Excellence" Defence and Strategy within the framework of the Higher Education Pact of the French Ministry of the Armed Forces (Directorate General for International Relations and Strategy - DGRIS)

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