National Power Dashboard

Our National Power Dashboard is a set of interactive graphs. It uses the Correlates of War's National Material Capabilities (NMC) dataset on state power indicators from 1816 to 2012.

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The various graphs and tables are interactive. Some of the elements of the web page are interconnected. Data and graphs are exportable.

This dashboard is the second version of a system that will be extended to a large number of datasets related to international security. It is used for research, teaching and technological demonstration purposes.

Screenshot of the CYBIS dashboard
Screenshot of the CYBIS dashboard

Data source: National Material Capabilities (v5.0). Singer, J. David, Stuart Bremer, and John Stuckey. (1972). 'Capability Distribution, Uncertainty, and Major Power War, 1820-1965.' in Bruce Russett (ed) Peace, War, and Numbers, Beverly Hills: Sage, 19-48. Singer, J. David. 1987. 'Reconstructing the Correlates of War Dataset on Material Capabilities of States, 1816-1985' International Interactions, 14: 115-32.