PeacePRISM (PRISM: Peace Research and International Statistics Mapper) is an application that aims to make indicators and tools accessible to the general public and researchers, in order to visualize the state of the world and its evolution over the past decades, with a focus on peace and conflict issues.

An interactive demo of PeacePRISM v 1.1.1 is available here:

Version 1.1.1 shows data from the Correlates Of War project -

Another version (PeacePRISM v1.B) exists but is not currently online. In addition to the above version, it also shows interactive graphics, and conflict zones (PRIO database). Below are two screenshots and a video of PeacePRISM v1.B.

PeacePRISM v1B - Regime durability (years since laste regime change) and armed conflicts (PRIO dataset)
PeacePRISM v1B - Regime durability (number of years since the last regime change - Correlates Of War data) et zones des conflits armés (données PRIO, en violet). and armed conflict zones (PRIO data, in purple). It can be seen that in 1991, most countries at war were politically unstable (age of political regime between 0 and 2 years)
Histogram - regime durability
PeacePRISM v1B - Histograme interactif montrant la variable "Regime durability" (Durabilité du régime: nombre d'années depuis le dernier changement de régime - données Correlates Of War). The tooltip shows that, in the dataset, for 15.6% of cases (country-years), the political system is less than one year old.

NOTE: The data, maps and graphs presented here should not be used for analysis, as quality controls are ongoing (bugs may remain).

Web development: Mayeul Kauffmann, Guy Tokarski, Rémy Drouilhet (Partnership University Grenoble Alpes - Ecole de la Paix de Grenoble).

Below is a video of the PeacePRISM v1B version (vocal comments in French).