CYBIS project

National Material Capabilities (v5.0)

(Beta dashboard v25)


milex: Military Expenditures.
milper: Military Personnel.
irst: Iron and steel production.
pec: Primary energy consumption.
tpop: Total Population.
upop: Urban population.
CINC: Composite Index of National Capability score.
Components of the CINC (radar plot) are displayed as a share of world totals (between 0% and 100%) for the given year (some components are sometimes missing)).

Data source

National Material Capabilities (v5.0). Singer, J. David, Stuart Bremer, and John Stuckey. (1972). 'Capability Distribution, Uncertainty, and Major Power War, 1820-1965.' in Bruce Russett (ed) Peace, War, and Numbers, Beverly Hills: Sage, 19-48. Singer, J. David. 1987. 'Reconstructing the Correlates of War Dataset on Material Capabilities of States, 1816-1985' International Interactions, 14: 115-32.